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Kids Village programs are set up a little differently from traditional preschool programs. Instead of a single classroom where students are led through a daily schedule of reading, writing, math, and play time, Kids Village students take part in the full village environment. While each class has a home base in an academic classroom, they are also led to different workshop classrooms throughout the day to participate in lessons facilitated by different workshop teachers.

While the Kids Village workshops are renown for offering children a diversified learning experience, it also benefits Kids Village students in some unique ways:

1. Teachers are More Engaged

At Kids Village, our teachers don’t have to wear too many hats at once. They don’t have to be academic teachers, artists, bakers, and soccer coaches all at the same time. Instead, our teachers are hired for their passion and experience in a particular subject (such as academics, art, or cooking). This frees up our teachers to focus on teaching their particular curriculum in creative and engaging ways.

It also allows our teachers to truly teach what they love. And when a teacher loves what they teach, their students are more likely to love it too!

2. More Positive Relationships with Teachers

Your child’s first interactions with his or her teachers are important. They set the stage for how your child will perceive teachers and other non-parent people of authority for the rest of their educational careers.

At Kids Village, our students interact with a few different teachers each day in a fun, magical, and positive environment. Throughout the school year, children become close with workshop teachers as well as their academic teachers. This creates an amazing, positive base of nurturing student-teacher relationships to influence your child’s perception of school and learning.

3. Reinforces Learning in Different Ways

Even though each classroom and workshop teaches a different subject, they’re all building upon the same lessons. For instance, if students are learning about the letter B in their academic classroom, then they may do bubble art in their art workshop and make banana bread in their cooking workshop.

Each student learns a little differently. Some learn visually, some are auditory, some learn best hands-on. By teaching lessons in different environments and in different ways, it is accessible to each student regardless of learning style. It also more strongly reinforces learning for each student (regardless of learning style) by strengthening connections made by experiencing the lesson in multiple senses.

Learn more about our five senses teaching style here.

4. Encourages Exploration in a Safe Environment

One of the founding principals of Kids Village was to create an environment in which young children could explore their passions and talents. With 12 workshops, children have the opportunity to try everything from cooking, art, and fitness to dancing, music, and science.

Trying new things can be scary, but in a warm and welcoming environment–and with the comfort of daily routine–children feel safer trying something new.

As a bonus, learning something new with a different teachers helps prevent students from becoming dependent on any single teacher to be comfortable trying something new.

5. Children are Less Likely to Get Bored

Even as an adult, sitting in a single room all day every day would be dull and exhausting. At Kids Village, experiencing a change in environment, teachers, and subject matter a few times a day helps keep students engaged and excited about learning.

The early education years are formative in your child’s perspective of learning; making those years magical, positive, and engaging for your child helps them develop a genuine passion for learning.

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