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When most people think of school spirit days, they picture wearing school colors, shirts, or jackets for each student to show their pride in the school. In early years, this is meant to encourage children to show support for their schools; in middle or high school, this is usually meant as a way to show support for school sports teams.

At Kids Village, we look at spirit days a little differently.

The Kids Village Philosophy

At Kids Village, we believe that one of the most significant aspects of our school’s atmosphere is the feeling of love, support, and positivity that our teachers and staff create within the village.

Every member of the Kids Village staff is handpicked for their commitment to our philosophy that given the chance to explore personal talents, develop curiosity in the world around them, and discover the confidence to learn and try new things in a positive and supportive environment, every student—regardless of natural academic capacity—can develop skillsets, mindsets, and knowledge for lifelong success.

Kids Village Loves Me

At the beginning of each school year, each student receives a gift from Kids Village as part of their orientation. This gift is a t-shirt that says “Kids Village Loves Me.” During the school year, students are encouraged to wear this t-shirt on Kids Village School Spirit Days, which fall on the 5th and 20th of every month.

Our Kids Village Spirit Shirts

Instead of asking students to show their love for Kids Village on spirit day, we take the opportunity to remind each student how much Kids Village loves them!

Spirit Day reinforces to students that every teacher and staff member of Kids Village loves them and believes they have the potential to accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Confidence & Acceptance in a Learning Environment

At Kids Village, school spirit days reinforce an environment of self-confidence and acceptance. These mindsets are integral to a positive learning environment for children. Not only does this make the school environment happier in general, but it also contributes to the success of each child within the school.

A positive, confidence-building environment helps:

  • Encourage a genuine passion for school. Children naturally seek out places where they feel comfortable, safe, and loved. By developing an environment in which children feel supported, they become more comfortable and excited about coming to school every morning.
  • Increase confidence to try new things. A preschooler is learning and trying new things every day! It can be scary to do something new for the first time. A positive, supportive environment helps your child feel more comfortable with new activities or experiences.
  • Greater likelihood for class participation. Students participate in class activities relative to their level of comfort and confidence within a class. In an environment where they feel supported and loved, children are more likely to participate during class which leads to greater engagement and overall learning.
  • Enhances development of creativity. When children feel vulnerable, they are is less likely to think outside the box or take risks with their problem solving. In a safe environment, children feel more comfortable stretching their creative muscles.

School Spirit Days 2018-2019

School spirit days fall on the 5th and 20th of every month. On these days, we encourage our students to wear their Kids Village Loves Me t-shirts.

School Spirit Day Begins at Home

Helping your child understand the meaning behind school spirit day starts at home. As you help your child find their “Kids Village Loves You” shirt, help reinforce the philosophy behind the day by telling them how loved they are by you, by their teachers, and by the other important adults and role models in their life.

Let them know that we all believe they are important and that they have the ability and confidence to do anything they want to do. We all feel so lucky to be along for the journey of finding what their talents and passions are.

Kids Village Loves our Parents

A note to parents:

Thank you for everything you do in supporting your child through their early childhood learning years and for everything you do to support Kids Village. We wouldn’t be where we are without all of you. Kids Village loves you!

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