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Even though we are proud of our aesthetics, it is our academics that truly set us apart from other schools in Utah. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to maximize lifelong learning in our students.

We base our curriculum on the proven Saxon Early Learning curriculum and the Saxon Math and Phonics curriculum. For over 30 years, Saxon curriculum has been one of the top three rated math and phonics programs in the nation (http://www.hmhco.com).

The Saxon philosophy is to introduce information incrementally, building new concepts upon old ones and constantly reviewing to build a solid foundation for developing new ideas. This means children learn in a way that maximizes understanding and long-term retention.

Along with the Saxon philosophy, each of our lessons is taught using our proprietary Kids Village teaching method utilizing all 5 senses in a hands-on setting. This allows each child to learn in his or her own way and exposes them to the curriculum in multiple forms to create more connections between the new material and the world around them. This style of learning also helps to foster genuine curiosity, which translates into a passion for learning.

Every day, Kids Village students are led through a series of lessons, experiments, and workshops that are carefully sequenced to incrementally build upon previous skills and concepts. Combining new discoveries with thoughtful review of previously learned information helps students retain knowledge by correlating new ideas to previous lessons. This organization of information helps to create stronger and more successful application and long-term recall.

For instance, when children read the story of the Little Red Hen, they are then given the opportunity to experience what the Red Hen experienced by feeling the golden wheat, grinding it into flour, and using their flour to make delicious homemade bread that they can share with their families. During this process, they are also learning that preparation, hard work, and cooperation lead to positive rewards. It is this approach to education that truly sets us apart.

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