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Many people recognize Kids Village from our storybook village and beautiful storefronts, but it’s what happens within each classroom and workshop that truly sets us apart from other schools in Utah.

At Kids Village, we take pride in our award winning curriculum. We believe that educating a child isn’t just about passing standardized tests; it’s about teaching children lifelong knowledge and skills that will contribute to their overall success in life. While a major part of achieving this goal is due to our incredible academics, it is also fulfilled because of our outstanding and unique workshop classrooms.

Each of our classes has daily access to the Kids Village workshops. Here, children receive training in subjects that are often overlooked in traditional education, but in reality, are the crucial to developing lifelong confidence through self-reliance.

Explore our workshops by clicking the tabs below.

Cooking & Nutrition

Kids Village Cooking and Nutrition Workshop

What’s cookin’ in the Kids Village kitchen? We serve up a generous portion of nutrition, health, and math in our modern and inviting kitchen.

Students practice counting, measuring, and fractions as they work together around a large center island to cook dishes that go along with the academic subjects they are studying.

Children are instructed in rules of safety, sanitation, and etiquette throughout the year. Working in our full-sized and completely stocked kitchen, our young chefs gain confidence in their culinary skills and take pride in their accomplishments as they enjoy their delectable creations and get to take home recipes and samples to their families.



Music & Drama

_mg_1035_nicolehillgerulatEvery child is a star in our music and drama program at Kids Village.

Students learn about the elements of music and how to read music as they play bells and recorders and experiment with a variety of other instruments such as tambourines, rhythm sticks, egg shakers, and maracas. Students will explore famous composers and different musical genres, and will get to meet local musicians that visit the school.

The music and drama program, which enhances and reinforces the core curriculum, also includes square dancing, line dancing, and other movement activities. All this talent is showcased in four performances a year for family and friends.



Kids Village Science WorkshopPlanets and stars hang from the ceiling of our Science Room, inspiring a sense of discovery. Shelves of books, baskets of science equipment, colorful posters of the skeletal system and the periodic table – this room is alive with learning and growth.

Along with making rockets, our students also get to help care for turtles, fish, and baby chicks. Hands-on experiments as well as our exciting Science Week get students interested in the world around them. Recycling and conservation projects help them learn to care for that world.

As students research science topics on our 18 flat screen computers, they learn computer skills that help prepare them for the world of technology in which they live.





Children are exposed to technology every day and are learning how to utilize it faster than ever. We decided to make a conscientious effort to reinforce technology as a learning tool and resource to show how technology can be used as more than just recreation. We create a safe, protected environment in our state-of-the-art computer lab to teach our children the basics of using technology in responsible and thoughtful ways.



art2At Kids Village, we’re passionate about educating the whole child. That’s why we put a strong emphasis on the arts.

Each art project reinforces academic curriculum while developing creativity and confidence.

Lessons in art history explore famous artists, their challenges and successes, and the different mediums and styles they employed. Experimenting with a variety of art techniques and mediums such as paint, clay, watercolors, chalk, stamps, and stencils, students learn to appreciate others’ work as well as see the value of their own creations.

Our Arts and Crafts room offers a positive creative environment for children to explore their artistic abilities.


Geography & Foreign Language

Kids Village Geography and Foreign Language Workshop

Around the world in 180 days! A visit to our Geography and Foreign Language Room is like a trip across continents. Here students learn history, geography, and culture along with being exposed to the languages of many countries. This exposure during the critical language learning years for a child greatly enhances his or her ability to become proficient in one or more foreign languages later on in life. Throughout the year we study French and Spanish, and students also enjoy learning basic sign language.

By learning about the world around us, children can learn to appreciate the differences and similarities in all of us.





While most educators are in agreement that physical activity is an integral part of a well-rounded education, Kids Village takes it a step further by engaging our students in activities that promote lifelong fitness and encourage students to get moving outdoors. Not only do our children participate in onsite activities year-round, but we also offer a winter ski school at Sundance that contributes to the foundation of an active lifestyle while developing confidence that translates into academics and all other areas of life.



12 Reasons your Child will Love Kids Village

Our goal is to not only give children the tools to be successful, independent readers, but also to give them the passion to enjoy reading for the rest of their lives. We use proven Saxon Reading Curriculum that provides a systematic approach to learning to read, utilizing both whole language and phonetic skills. We also offer a program called Kids Village R.E.A.D.S., which takes the reading skills learned in school to the home by offering fun goals and incentives that encourage children to love reading.



History & Patriotism


In our History Room, children are exposed not only to different time periods, cultures and traditions, but also foster a love of appreciation for our country.

At Kids Village we love this “Sweet Land of Liberty” and feel a great responsibility to instill a sense of patriotism in every child.  Even our youngest classes learn about American symbols, including the bald eagle, the American flag, and the Statue of Liberty. What better role models could our students have then the courageous heroes of our American History?



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