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Every month, Kid Village incorporates two lifelong values into our curriculum. These values include things like Team Work, Honesty, Friendship, or Gratitude.. We believe these values are vitally important to our children becoming healthy, happy, well-rounded adults. We also believe early exposure to these values can help them become more positive contributing members to society.

At Kids Village we don’t just believe in educating children so they can pass tests; we truly and deeply believe in giving them tools that will help them to be successful in their lives.

We actuate this philosophy by combining Saxon Curriculum (which focuses on lifelong learning as opposed to assessment-centric learning), with workshop classes that teach lifelong skills, and a commitment to teaching positive values that will influence our students for the rest of their lives.

At kids village, our academic and workshop teachers incorporate monthly values into their lessons each day, using teaching tools such as storytelling, role-playing, classroom discussions, books, worksheets, and more.

We also post a blog article each month (which we will share through our social media channels) that discusses strategies for incorporating these values in your own home. While learning these values in school are a great way to introduce your child to the value, your child will best learn about these values from their interactions at home. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you are updated when our Value of the Month blog goes up. This article will give you tips for encouraging values practice at home. These tips often include conversations, quick activities, leading by example, or games. This article will also talk about why we chose the value as one of our Kids Village Values and why it is important in early childhood development.

At the end of the month, your child will be given a colorful writsband to celebrate his or her understanding and mastery of the monthly value.

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