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At Kids Village, we believe that early childhood education encompasses not just the mind, but the heart and soul as well. Our goal is to raise the children in our school up so they have the confidence and mindsets to believe they can achieve anything they want in life. However, success (no matter how you define it) takes more than just an idea; it also takes skills and values that are often overlooked in traditional school settings.

We know that the early years are so important to a child’s development and that many of the mindsets they develop now will follow them not only through school but for the rest of their lives. That’s why we work so hard to incorporate monthly values into our curriculum.

What are Kids Village’s Monthly Values?

Every month, Kid Village incorporates two lifelong values into our curriculum. These values include things like Teamwork, Self Control, Honesty, Friendship, Hard Work, Determination, and Gratitude. We believe these values are vitally important to our children becoming healthy, happy, well-rounded adults. We believe that early exposure to these values can help our children become the positive contributing members to society we know they can become.

How Does Kids Village Teach These Values?

Teaching values can be difficult and ambiguous. However, our amazing teachers are up to the task. We take time each day to talk about the values of the month with our classes and discuss the importance and applying them in our lives. We practice these values through storytelling, giving our students a chance to see the application through their favorite characters. We also play games and role playing scenarios so that our students can practice the values in real life settings. Finally, our teachers provide examples of these values by modeling them in every day learning.

How Can I Support These Values at Home

It can be great reinforcement to support these values at home. However, we don’t leave our parents to figure this out all on their own. Each month, we post a blog that discusses strategies for incorporating these values in your own home. While learning these values in school are a great way to introduce your child to the value, your child will best learn about these values from their interactions at home. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to ensure you are updated when our Value of the Month blog goes up. This article will give you tips for encouraging values practice at home. These tips often include conversations, quick activities, leading by example, or games. This article will also talk about why we chose the value as one of our Kids Village Values and why it is important in early childhood development.

At the end of the month, your child will be given a colorful button to celebrate their understanding and mastery of the monthly value.

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