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It’s Leap Day! Every four years, we get an extra day added to our calendars: February 29th. We all this day “Leap Day,” and years with Leap Days are called “Leap Years.” This special adjustment keeps our calendar in alignment with the Earth’s revolutions around the sun.

For children, Leap Year can be a fun, out of the ordinary day. To celebrate, engage children in activities, games, and stories that spark curiosity about time, the Earth, and the rhythm of our calendars. Whether it’s “leaping” themes like frogs, exploring the concept of time, or celebrating with a special party, Leap Year provides a wonderful opportunity to engage in activities that are both educational and entertaining.

Leap Year Activity Ideas for Kids

For preschoolers and kindergarteners, Leap Day can be a fun day that teaches about our calendar and the solar system while allowing them to explore the world around them in creative and playful ways. Here are some fun Leap Year activity ideas:

  1. “Leaping Frogs” Contest: Set up a space where the kids can have a frog jumping contest, using froggy hops instead of regular walking. Measure who can jump the furthest and talk about how frogs leap.
  2. Craft a Frog: Use green construction paper, googly eyes, and other craft supplies to make frog masks or simple frog figures. It’s a fun way to improve fine motor skills and creativity.
  3. Time Capsule: Create a Leap Year time capsule by having each child draw a picture or write a little note about their favorite thing right now, add a small memento, or another representation of what they enjoy. Place all the items in a box, and plan to open it on the next Leap Year. This is a wonderful way to talk about the concept of time and how they grow over it.
  4. Calendar Exploration: Go through a calendar with your child and explain how every four years, we get an extra day in February. Use visuals to explain why Leap Year exists (to catch up with the solar calendar).
  5. Make Your Own Calendar: Have the children make their own simple calendars, adding special days like their birthdays or holidays. Highlight the Leap Day and discuss its significance.
  6. Leap Year Storytime: Read stories or create your own story about Leap Year, focusing on themes of time, seasons, or even a magical leap adventure. Choose books that are age-appropriate and engage them with questions about the story. There are also cute resources on YouTube you can share.
  7. Leapfrog: Is Leap Day really complete without a game of leapfrog.
  8. Long Jump or Hopscotch: Use these classic games to get kids moving and enjoying the concept of leaping physically.
  9. Leap Year Math: Introduce simple math concepts by counting leaps, creating patterns with leapfrog toys, or sorting items by fours to connect with the every-four-years theme of Leap Year.
  10. Special Leap Day Celebration: Host a Leap Day party where everyone gets to celebrate the extra day. You could have special snacks, Leap Year-themed decorations, and a circle time where you talk about what makes the day special.
  11. Science Connection: Talk about the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and why it takes a little more than 365 days. You can use visuals or simple animations to make the concept understandable for young minds.
  12. Leap Year Decorations: Create decorations that feature the number 4 or images of leaping animals. This can be a group activity where each child contributes to a larger display.
  13. Create a Leap Year Badge: Have the children make their own Leap Year badges to wear for the day. They can decorate them with frogs, the number 29, or anything else they associate with Leap Year.
  14. Leap Year Dance: Create a simple “leap” dance where the kids can jump around to music. This is a fun way to get them moving and to celebrate the day in an energetic way.

Do you have any extra fun Leap Year activity ideas? Please share them in the comments below!

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