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Is anyone else missing the snow this December? Us too! But winter doesn’t have to be dreary — here are # fun winter activities you can do without snow.

Make Paper Snowflakes

Bring the beauty of snow indoors by breaking out the paper and scissors and making your own home into a winter wonderland. Add some glitter for some extra sparkle and cheer.

Decorate Felt Trees

Decorating a Christmas tree is a holiday staple for many children, but decorating a felt tree means the activity can be repeated over and over! Not into the Christmas theme? No problem. Make a bare tree out of brown felt and cut out snow, birds, bugs, and holes with animals peeking out for your child to decorate the tree with.

Playdough Snowmen

Maybe there’s no snow to roll around on the ground, but you can still get your creativity on by building snowmen out of playdough or homemade salt dough. Want to take it to the next level? Pick up some mini accessories like mini hats or brooms from the craft store or raid your doll clothes.

Make Holiday Cookies for Neighbors (or our service men and women)

Snow or not, the scent of sweet holiday cookies in the air brings warmth and joy to any household. Get the whole family involved in the activity for some fun family-together time.

Read Books by the Fire (or simulated fire)

If you haven’t stocked up on winter-themed books, then our monthly book orders are a GREAT chance to pick up a new, inexpensive pile of winter books! Cuddle up by the fire in a blanket and read winter and holiday books together.

Light a Holiday-Scented Candle

Maybe it doesn’t feel holiday-y outside, but you can bring the feeling of the holidays indoors when you light a candle with your favorite holiday scent.

“Sled” Down the Stairs in Sleeping Bags

Bring back the old favorite of sleeping bag sledding. Sit in sleeping bags and slither down your indoor stairs (just make sure an adult is present to make sure the kiddos stay safe).

Make Sugar Cube Igloos

If you’re missing making snow forts and igloos, bring the fun indoors by making igloos out of sugar cubes. Let your children suck on a sugar cube for an extra treat if you’d like. Want to get more creative with your sugar sculptures? Make some “glue” with powdered sugar and water.

Build a Blanket Fort

Sure, we don’t have enough snow to build a snow fort, but you can bring that fun back with some blankets and chairs.

Have a Beanbag Snowball Fight

Want to get the kids outside and running off some energy? Give them each a pile full of beanbags and tell them to have a “snowball” fight.


Do you have any ideas to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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