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What a year!

Every year at Kids Village seems to go by too quickly, and this past school year was no exception. We feel so blessed to have had such an incredible journey. From our Little Sprouts’ first exploration into letters and reading, to dynamic science experiments in our grassy side yard—from cooking adventures in our class kitchen, to a beautiful dose of music and song, our students have made us proud with their big progress this year.

We are so excited to announce that this year Kids Village received 4 Utah awards!

Best of State: Education Overall, 2017

We are honored to receive the Best Overall in Education Best of State award for 2017. Best of State awards are judged by a panel of prestigious experts in the industry who consider nominees for each subcategory, such as Best Private Preschool or Best Early Childhood Educator. The Best Overall award is judged by this same panel, but includes nominees from every subcategory in the specified field. We know that it is such an honor for our private preschool to receive this award against the best schools, colleges, and educators in the state!


Best of Utah Valley 2017: Preschool

This award is so special to us since the Best of Utah Valley awards are chosen by the residents of Utah Valley. For Kids Village to win this award, we had to receive the most votes in our category. Thank you so much to everyone who voted and made this award possible!



2015, 2016, & 2017 Best of State: Best Private Preschool in Utah

We are so proud to win the Best Private Preschool award for 3 years running.

“15 years ago, I started this with a dream, and I know I couldn’t be successful on my own,” says Ann Whittaker, founder of Kids Village. “I know that Kids Village wouldn’t be what it is today without amazing people.”


2016 & 2017 Best of State: Best Early Childhood Educator

At Kids Village, we have such a great pride in our teachers. We believe they are some of the finest educators in Utah, and are overwhelmed every day at how encouraging, patient, sweet, knowledgeable, and magical they are. Every interaction they have  helps to challenge and grow their students’ minds and curiosity in a positive, loving atmosphere. We know these awards couldn’t be possible without our incredible teachers.


We want to thank our students, families, staff, and teachers for an incredible year!

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