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The Kids Village philosophy is based on creating a learning experience that is about more than just teaching kids to pass tests. We know that early childhood education is a major influencer in lifelong success, happiness, and stability. We also know this influence encompasses more than just academics.

Research continues to show that the environment in which your child learns during their earliest educational experiences affects not only their grades but also their mindsets and confidence for the rest of their lives. That’s why we take things like a positive environment, a sense of belonging, positive and specific feedback, and teaching values so seriously.

At Kids Village, we seek to educate the whole child, believing that strengthening a child’s character is as valuable as strengthening a child’s mind. Our annual Humanitarian Haunt helps cultivate seeds of generosity in the heart of each student. We are so excited to celebrate the 7th year of this wonderful carnival tradition. From the bake sale and cake walk to the festive costumes, the Humanitarian Haunt is truly a spooktacular event for your entire family. We love that we’re able to bring the fun, as well as the spirit of giving, all into one event!

Our goal is not only to give back to the community, but also to involve and encourage our children to participate in something bigger than themselves. It is to teach compassion and giving. We believe that by teaching our children during their youngest years how to help those in need, we’re helping to grow their hearts as well as their minds.


Friday, October 25
Open House from 10 am – 7 pm
(There will not be regular school on the day of the Haunt)

Costumes are welcome! Please note strollers are NOT allowed at this event due to space constraints.

The Humanitarian Haunt will include bewitching carnival games, face painting, a spooky book fair, fiendish foods, and more!. There will also be a ghoulish bake sale with delicious treats and goodies!

All goods and services have been donated or sponsored by Kids Village and local businesses, so 100% of funds raised during the fundraiser will go to benefit our charity organization, the Kids Village Foundation.


The mission of the Kids Village Foundation is a labor of love to bring blessings, support, and love to children and families in need. It is also a passionate work to foster a spirit of generosity and compassion in children in our community.

Kids Village Foundation is a heart-driven foundation that brings service and blessings where help is needed for children near and far. All donations and services thoughtfully include the participation and education of our students. Our goal is to help those in need while helping to build strong character and foster a spirit of generosity that encourages loving, compassionate hearts in the humanitarians of tomorrow.

Over the past several years, The Kids Village Foundation alongside our generous Kids Village families have donated money to help expand an orphanage in the Dominican Republic as well as care for children who are severely disabled. We have worked with the “Smiles for Life” organization to bring dental care to children in Ecuador. Our families have donated to our local food bank, and have donated to Friday’s Kids Respite, a local organization providing quality respite care to families of children with special needs. With our Kids Village Foundation, we want to continue giving children hope by blessing their families with the resources to heal, rise out of poverty, and create change for future generations

We believe by that through our efforts we can we help to nurture change around the world for future generations.


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