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We feel so honored to have won Best Private Preschool, Best Early Childhood Educator, and Best Preschool awards for the last several years!

We feel even more blessed that our school attracts such incredible families and students through our doors. We love our Kids Village community and get excited every summer leading up to the new school year, because we just can’t wait to meet our new students and families.

Kids Village expanded a few years ago to add some new classrooms, but even with the expansion, our classes fill up very quickly and often our waiting list fills up quickly as well!

If you’re considering enrolling your child at Kids Village, here are some tips to help:

1. Schedule your tour early

You’ve probably heard from other parents that you have to start considering preschools about a year in advance—it’s true! Registrations for most preschools (including Kids Village) start at the beginning of the year, so it’s wise to tour your prospective preschools the fall or winter prior to your child’s first year in school.

Kids Village offers drop-in tours during school hours (or during summer hours June-Aug), or you may schedule a tour online here: Schedule a Tour

2. Get program/pricing information early

Because classes fill up so quickly, it’s a good idea to request program/pricing information early. Kids Village is happy to email you this information if you send us a request via our online contact formor direct message us through Facebook.

This will help you determine what program best fits your child, and which days/times best fit your schedule!

3. Decide which class you want before you register

Kids Village finalizes our classes early so we can plan for the year ahead. This means it can be difficult to change classes once you’ve registered. While Kids Village tries to be accommodating as possible, you have the greatest chance of getting your top choice if you’re certain which class you want before you register. It will also save you a class-change fee!

4. Coordinate with friends/family early

It’s fun to be in class with a friend or family member, especially if it’s your child’s first year in school! Do you have a friend or cousin with whom you want your child enrolled? Coordinate your class preferences and speak with our Kids Village enrollment coordinator early.

Kids Village keeps a small teacher-to-student ratio, so we usually don’t have wiggle room once classes fill up. By making your choices early, you ensure your children can be in class together!

5. Current families get priority registration

We know the importance of consistency in education—especially in the early years. That’s why we give our existing families priority registration. We typically open registration for existing families a couple weeks before we open to the public.

6. Request a registration form at your tour (or ask via email–early!)

We know your family is busy. Even if you haven’t made a final decision yet, it can help to keep a registration form on-hand so you can fill it out at home and just drop it by Kids Village when you’re ready to register. Save yourself some time by requesting a registration form at your tour or by asking for a copy of the form (early) via email.

7. Register in-person

Once registration opens, it can be difficult to get through via phone as we’re often inundated with calls. While we’ll always do our best to answer calls as quickly as we can, you can often save waiting time by coming into the school to complete registration. This also gives you an opportunity to ask any questions or to take a final look around the school before the school year begins.

8. Ask to get on the waiting list

If your class of choice is already full, ask to get put on the waiting list. Kids Village often sees some changes in registration during the summer which means spots often open up before the school year begins. Get on the waiting list as early as possible as spots are given on a first come-first serve basis.

9. Don’t give up if you’re late

If you got a late start (or moved to the area after school already started), don’t give up! Get on a waiting list, and don’t be shy about checking back in. Kids Village sometimes has movement mid-school year, which means even if your child didn’t get into the first day of school, a spot may open in time for second semester.

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