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Hay rides. Fireworks. Birthday candles and cake. Traditions are not only fun, but they add magic and wonder to our lives. As adults, we might be tempted to scrutinize family traditions and wonder if they’re worth it. They often cost money, time, and can create an unbelievable amount of stress! Before you decide to nix the gingerbread and throw the turkey out the window, it’s important to weigh the value of family traditions against the required effort. When you toss out traditions, you might lose more than you think.

6 Important Values Family Traditions Offer

You’re doing a great job, mama & papa, even if it doesn’t feel like the family always appreciates all of the hard work you put into things. But the time you put into creating and maintaining family traditions have more positive impact than you can know.

Below, we listed some of the top ways family traditions can bring value to your home.

1 – Strengthens Family

Traditions bring families together– literally. Parents will brave long car rides with five kids just to spend a holiday at Grandma’s house. Also, each family’s unique practices, such as putting apples in Thanksgiving stuffing or an angel on a Christmas tree, creates a sense of family identity. 

2 – Builds Culture and Heritage

Traditions are often passed down from generation to generation, kept alive by a desire to remember our roots and departed loved ones. Building a sense of culture and heritage helps children see the vibrant tapestry they belong to and build pride in who they are and where they come from.

3 – Personal Identity

Traditions tied to ancestors, such as Grandma’s Swedish Coffee Bread, helps build personal identity. Children begin to realize that they are part of something greater and develop an “intergenerational self.” Family traditions help bring family history to life!

4 – A Few Constants

Life brings so many changes– new friends, loved ones passing away, moving to a new state, and so on. Traditions remain fixed points that children can count on. This provides stability and comfort during difficult times and moments of celebration during exciting times.

5 – Teach Values

Family traditions are more than rituals and fun. They also teach family values. Many traditions spring from religious beliefs, like Easter and Hanukkah. Others come from a country’s history, like Thanksgiving. These traditions teach values such as faith and gratitude in a hands-on way. 

6 – Create Lifelong Memories

And, of course, there are the memories traditions create. Your child will remember weekly trips to the library, Fourth of July fireworks, and decorating cookies. Such memories can be called upon during difficult moments in life to boost spirits and even reduce stress.

Final Thoughts

Yes, family traditions can be stressful and we might wonder if they’re worth it. But, they are an important part of a child’s development, weaving the past into the present and adding fun and whimsy to our everyday lives.

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