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You’ve probably heard–or even practiced–the art of positive affirmations. At the simplest level, positive affirmations can help you feel good adobe yourself which can help your life feel like it’s running more smoothly. We hear a lot about positive affirmations, but how about positive affirmations in kids?

According to Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., ┬ápositive affirmations can be beneficial since our subconscious mind plays such a big role in the actualization of our desires. For instance, when you’re thinking positively about yourself and your abilities, it can help you feel and act more powerfully. Conversely, negative self talk can subconsciously cause you to engage in self-defeating behaviors.

For children, positive affirmations from the adults in their lives help them to develop the tone of their own self-talk. It also helps them develop their self-perception–for better or for worse.

25 Positive Affirmations for Kids

At Kids Village, we strongly believe in the power of positivity and positive affirmations in children. As parents, we experienced how negativity affected our children and their belief in themselves. As educators, we vowed to provide a positive environment that would encourage our students to grow and thrive.

Below are some positive affirmations for kids that can help them develop positive mindsets and self-talk:

  1. You have such a kind, gentle heart.
  2. You do such a great job of not giving up even if something is difficult for you.
  3. You are such a good, thoughtful friend.
  4. I am proud of who you are.
  5. I/We are so lucky/blessed to have you in our lives.
  6. You make people around you smile.
  7. You are a great listener.
  8. You are a hard worker.
  9. I love how you are so excited to try new things.
  10. You are so helpful and do a good job of seeing ways you can help people.
  11. You do such a good job of thinking creatively to solve problems.
  12. You make my heart so happy when you ____________.
  13. You can do anything if you work hard at it and don’t give up.
  14. When you practice, you get better and better every day.
  15. You are confident and brave.
  16. You are a wonderful leader, and I love that you use your leadership to help others make good decisions.
  17. I love the interest you take in learning and growing.
  18. I am grateful for you.
  19. I am proud of you for doing your best and not giving up.
  20. You are trustworthy and honest.
  21. You can do hard things one step at a time.
  22. You are so important to me.
  23. This may be tough, but so are you.
  24. You are good at keeping your promises.
  25. You are so loved

What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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