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We love Valentine’s Day! It breaks up the gloomy gray of January and February by bringing a fun, sweet holiday–and an excuse to show some love. Valentine’s Day sometimes gets a bad rap for being commercialized or “created by card companies,” but we love the reminder to be mindful about sharing love and spreading care.

Valentine’s Day may sometimes seem like it’s a holiday for adults or is only about candy for kids, but we disagree. We think that with the right activities, your child can see Valentine’s Day as a day to spread love, care, and kind thoughts to others in their community.

Meaningful Valentine’s Activities for Kids

Transform Valentine’s Day from a candy-based holiday to one about love and caring with some of these unique Valentine’s activity ideas for kids.

Deliver Valentine’s Cookies to First Responders

Whip up a batch of your favorite heart-shaped sugar cookies and decorate them with care. Deliver them to your local fire station or police department to say thank you for their service.

Make a Special Valentine’s Treat for Neighbors

Make your favorite loaf of banana bread or m&m cookies for a neighbor to spread some love and caring around your neighborhood. This can be an especially kind gesture if you treat a neighbor who lives alone, is shy and doesn’t get many visitors, or who has recently lost a loved one.

Start an anonymous “Spread the Love” Challenge in Your Neighborhood

Leave a treat or small present anonymously at a neighbor’s door with a note letting them know they’re loved and asked if they will help spread the love! Ask them to leave a treat or gift at two neighbor’s houses with a copy of the note, then watch it spread.

Do a Good Deed for Someone

Show your children that Valentine’s Day activities don’t need to be showy or about treats–make a special effort to do good deeds around your neighborhood. Shovel someone’s sidewalk, offer to walk a neighbor’s dog, help someone load groceries into their car, or open the door for others.

Leave Flowers at a Loved One’s Gravesite

Do you have a loved one who’s passed that you want to send love to? Remember their love and send them care by leaving flowers at their gravesite. If there’s not a gravesite to visit, write a letter that you wish you could send to them and tuck it away in a journal so you can look back and remember their love.

Call a Friend or Relative

You don’t have to go too far to find a way to spread love on Valentine’s Day! Call a friend or a relative to say hello and to let them know you’re thinking about them. You never know when reaching out for a short conversation will make someone’s day!

Make Cards for a Local Retirement Home

Help brighten the moods of some of the residents at a local retirement home by bringing handmade cards.

Celebrate with a Pet

We love our pets too! Make your pet homemade Valentine’s Day treats and talk about what makes them special. Share your favorite memories with them.

Do You Have Ideas?

Do you have ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day with kids in meaningful ways? Share them in the comments below!

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