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FAQ – How Does Kids Village Preschool Manage Food Allergies?

We recently received the following question from one the parent of a prospective student:

Q: My child has a food allergy. Do you guys have protocols for keeping her from being exposed to foods she’s allergic to?

Answer: Kid Village Preschool is very sensitive about food allergies. We take special precautions to ensure your child is safe and healthy in our school.

Before your child starts at Kids Village (or at any point during the school year) you will be given the opportunity to notify Kids Village of any food allergies, sensitivities, or dietary restrictions.

This information is provided to your student’s academic teacher as well as to the workshop teachers.

Kids Village has a very small student-to-teacher ratio. This means teachers can maintain detailed knowledge of each student. Teachers are committed to staying apprised of student’s special needs, allergies, and restrictions, and can closely manage special circumstances that may affect your child.

The cooking and nutrition workshop teacher also has detailed knowledge of each child’s food allergies or dietary restrictions, if any. If there is a workshop that includes an allergy-sensitive food, the teacher will make special arrangements for the student, whether by using alternate ingredients or offering an alternative to the activity in the case of severe allergies.

While your child’s academic and workshop teachers stay abreast of food allergies and dietary restrictions, we also want to ensure any teacher or administrator in the school can see at a glance if your child has special dietary needs. If your child has a food sensitivity or allergy, Kids Village will attach a gingham ribbon to his or her apron to indicate a dietary restriction.

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